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Hi, I’m Tiffany!

When I joined my first brokerage I had a terrible split, outdated training, expectations that didn’t work for me as a mom (desk time on the weekends, drinks once a week at local pubs with the office). The entire experience lacked a sense of community and training. Now I’m determined to offer everything I didn’t have to my agents; the tools to help them scale a business to build a legacy for their family.

At B.M.W homes we value integrity and family. You can run your business from home, attend your children’s events and never miss a milestone with your family. Whether you are located in Massachusetts or another country (currently serving United States, Australia, Canada, France, India, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, and the United Kingdom) there is a space for you on our team.

  • We give you the tools you need to protect your clients’ financial interests and find them the best investment opportunities.
  • Learn how to market yourself so you have a regular flow of leads every month
  • Find a community where you can bounce ideas and share your concerns
  • With no minimums, you have the ability to run the type of business that works for you and your schedule

Who are we looking for?

Powered by the eXp platform, our goal at B.M.W homes is to build a network of real estate advisors who put family first. If you have aspirations of working in or creating a team of FAMILY FIRST agents, this is the place for you.

  • You run your real estate business with integrity, helping your clients to find value-packed properties, and to sell at ideal prices. Your integrity goes beyond the service you provide your clients; it also extends outward to your team and family.
  • You are passionate about your local community. As a real estate agent, you recognize it is your job to understand not just the housing market, but also the culture of the community you live in. Your clients may be local or moving from a distance, and as their first contact in their new potential neighborhood/home, you have the ability to make their transition a smooth one. You do this by pointing out the best local restaurants, the history, and the unique culture of the area as it relates to their needs and desires.
  • You are passionate about collaboration over competition

Meet Your New Business Partners

bmw team
BMW team member

When You Join Us, You’ll Receive:

First, when you book a call with me, I will automatically send you my “Business Blueprint” to help kickstart your 2022 goals.

The Business Blueprint comes with everything you need to time block, plan, and EXECUTE your year as a realtor, with intention.


  • Pre-qualified buyer leads; the amount will vary depending on the volume received by B.M.W homes realty group
  • 2 hours of complimentary staging for seller clients
  • Photography or videography for seller clients
  • (One) 1 Branded sign rider with Associates name/phone number
  • Branded signs for listings / open houses
  • Transaction coordinator if desired

Access to the Fast Forward Movement Mastermind

Led by Daniel Beer and Kyle Whissel, TWO of the biggest team leaders in California. They hold weekly meetings where you can ask questions and connect with other agents. The tips and strategies that come out of this group are priceless.

Access to the Freedom Builder Community

“Chance made us colleagues, but the FUN and LAUGHTER made us FAMILY!” Freedom Builders is a private Facebook group created by Tina Caul. Together we share our wins, losses, and have multiple weekly calls to get all the questions answered. Topics include: sharpen our listing presentations, figuring out how to get offers accepted, growing social media, geofarming, and SO much more!

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I know it’s tough to make a BIG decision like switching brokerages. To be honest, it took me months of talking with Tina before I knew I had to make the change in order to fulfil the goals I had set to better my family’s future. If that’s you, let’s chat. I want you to feel 100% confident this is the best fit!