Cape Cod Bathroom Remodeling

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When remodeling a bathroom, the little details can make it stand out. Quality materials will give your bathroom a bit of character and charm, and we are experts at turning old bathrooms into luxurious, coastal retreats that fit your style. Our skilled staff uses high-quality materials to ensure you get the best results without exceeding your budget. Our comprehensive approach to bathroom remodeling covers every step, from initial design to final cleanup so that you can be confident in the finished product’s quality.


B.M.W Builders Bathroom Remodel Services on Cape Cod, MA

Bathroom remodeling includes a variety of stages, and our staff takes pride in being able to complete them all. We present the following services:

Whole Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom redesign means replacing every last inch of the room with something new and improved. New flooring and tiling, electrical and plumbing work, new vanities and sinks, new bathtubs and showers, and improved lighting are just some of the many components of a typical bathroom remodel. A whole bathroom remodel is a significant undertaking and often requires a professional team of contractors to ensure that the work is completed to a high standard. B.M.W provides the necessary expertise and experience to bring your bathroom remodeling vision to life.

Tile & Flooring Installation

Tile and flooring installation is an important aspect of a bathroom remodel, as it can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the space. There are many options available for bathroom flooring, including ceramic tile, natural stone, vinyl, and wood. The type of flooring you choose will depend on your personal preference and budget, as well as your bathroom’s style. With our selection of high-quality materials and skilled professionals, we help you invest in the best craftsmanship.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Plumbing and electrical work are important parts of remodeling a bathroom because they ensure the room is safe. Installing new plumbing fixtures, such as a toilet, sink, and shower, as well as updating electrical wiring and adding new outlets and light switches, are important tasks in a bathroom remodel. To ensure that plumbing and electrical work is completed correctly, it is crucial to hire a licensed and experienced contractor. B.M.W is a great contractor that provides high-quality plumbing and electrical services.

Shower and Bathtub Replacement

Replacing the shower or bathtub is a big job, but it can make a big difference in how the bathroom works and looks. There are many choices, such as stand-alone showers, walk-in showers, and bathtubs made of different materials and in different styles. Our skilled contractors can help you choose the right shower or bathtub and put it in the right way so it will be strong and last a long time.

Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading the lighting in a bathroom can have a major impact on the overall ambiance of the space. Many options are available, including overhead lighting, sconces, and vanity lights. When choosing bathroom lighting, you should think about the size and layout of the room as well as the level of brightness and mood you want. We are experienced in helping you choose the perfect lighting fixtures to give your bathroom the right amount of light.

B.M.W builders Design-Build Process

Bathroom remodeling is a complex process, and it’s important to work with an experienced contractor that will deliver superior results. We are a trusted bathroom remodeling contractor on Cape Cod that has been helping homeowners upgrade their bathrooms for over 17 years. Below is an overview of our process:

Initial Meeting

To begin the journey towards transforming your bathroom, we start by arranging a consultation with one of our design experts. We will talk about your goals, budget, and other important details or limits that need to be considered. By measuring the space and discovering any possible problems, we’ll better understand the project and figure out the best way to help you get your dream bathroom.

Design Plan

After understanding what you want for your new bathroom, we will create a comprehensive design plan outlining every component and material. This plan will incorporate an exhaustive outline of the area and a 3D design. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that the design meets all your needs and wants, and we’ll make any necessary changes until you’re completely happy with the plan.


Upon arriving at a definite plan, we will initiate the construction phase of your bathroom remodel. We will collaborate intently with you to ensure that the task is accomplished on schedule and within budget, and we will keep you updated throughout the entire process. Our squad of expert contractors has the aptitude and know-how to guarantee that your bathroom remodels are finished to the best standards.

Final Review

Once the construction phase of your bathroom remodels is complete, we will carry out a conclusive check of the area to make certain that everything aligns with your outlook. We will make any necessary touch-ups or adjustments and provide you with a detailed list of maintenance and care instructions for your new bathroom. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and will work with you until you are completely happy with the final result.

Why B.M.W Builders?

At B.M.W Builders, we ensure that every project is finished on time and that our customers are completely happy with the result. At our company, you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability; we offer competitive prices without cutting corners. Our team is thoroughly trained and experienced in all facets of the remodeling process. We attentively listen to our client’s imaginations and utilize top-grade products to guarantee a final product that is both captivating and enduring. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we make your bathroom remodel dreams come true!