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So you’re ready to knock down the walls? Let’s talk about why many of our clients are loving open concept floor plans!

Entertaining- Many of our clients don’t live on the Cape year-round, so when they’re here, it’s all about bringing together their closest family and friends. When we consider floor plans for entertaining, an open concept is typically the best option because it allows for great interaction between friends and family without feeling crowded. More so, it allows for flexibility; that extra kids table for Thanksgiving, an overflow table for serving food, etc. 

Natural light and ocean views- Maybe we’re biased, but we like to think we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. To capture the Cape’s raw beauty, an open floor plan can allow for lots of natural light and panoramic views.. we love a good accordion glass door!

Interior design flexibility- Maximize the use of every space by adapting for various purposes. Since the walls and barriers are gone, you really have a blank canvas to play with. 

Perception of space- When your eyes can travel freely throughout a space, the perception that it’s bigger is easy to perceive. With the addition of cathedral ceilings and exposed beams, an open concept can now allow for an emphasis on the height of the walls. 

Improved traffic flow- we’re no strangers to those narrow, seemingly dark, Cape Cod hallways. Opening these spaces to create an open concept brings light and a better foot traffic path throughout the home.

Family connectivity- an open concept is perfect for our clients who appreciate seeing their grandkids in the living room while they’re preparing meals for the whole family.

Resale value- with open, airy feelings being highly sought after, these properties are typically more attractive to buyers. 

When considering whether or not to start taking walls down, consider whether or not you appreciate more traditional room layouts or whether you can have a happy medium by keeping some rooms traditional and others open concept to accommodate some of the features we mentioned above. 

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