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Why do People love Open Floor Plans?

So you’re ready to knock down the walls? Let’s talk about why many of our clients are loving open concept floor plans!


For many of our clients residing on the Cape, their time here is synonymous with reunions, gatherings, and creating cherished memories with their closest family and friends. When envisioning floor plans tailored for such occasions, the emphasis is on fostering a warm, inviting space conducive to bringing loved ones together.

In the realm of entertaining, an open concept floor plan emerges as an invaluable asset. It effortlessly cultivates an environment where interaction flows freely, unimpeded by barriers or confined spaces. The seamless flow between the kitchen, dining area, and living space encourages guests to mingle, converse, and share moments without feeling restricted or separated.

Moreover, the beauty of an open concept extends beyond the ease of interaction; it offers flexibility—a feature highly coveted during festive gatherings. Picture this—an extra table for the kids during Thanksgiving, an overflow area for serving delectable dishes, or an impromptu dance floor during celebratory evenings. The versatility of an open floor plan accommodates these spontaneous needs, allowing hosts to adapt and customize the space according to the occasion.

In a Cape setting where the allure of coastal living beckons loved ones to come together, an open concept floor plan serves as the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable moments. It’s not merely about the design; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that encourages connection, fosters conviviality, and facilitates the seamless flow of shared experiences.

As we curate floor plans tailored for entertaining, we understand that the heartbeat of these spaces lies in the ability to bring people together. An open-concept design isn’t just a blueprint; it’s an invitation—a canvas where laughter echoes, conversations bloom, and cherished memories find their place.

Natural light and Ocean Views

Maybe we’re biased, but we like to think we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. To capture the Cape’s raw beauty, an open floor plan can allow for lots of natural light and panoramic views.. we love a good accordion glass door!

Interior design flexibility

When embracing an open concept floor plan for Cape homes designed with entertaining in mind, the beauty lies in the ability to maximize the functionality of every nook and cranny. With walls and barriers removed, the space becomes a blank canvas—a versatile expanse where creativity knows no bounds.

One of the greatest advantages of an open concept layout is its adaptability for various purposes. Each area seamlessly blends into the next, providing endless opportunities to reimagine and repurpose spaces. Imagine a cozy reading corner transitioning effortlessly into an additional seating area during gatherings or a kitchen island doubling up as a buffet table for festive feasts. The absence of confining walls opens up a world of possibilities, allowing homeowners to customize and transform spaces to suit their needs at any given moment.

Moreover, the absence of physical barriers enhances the flow of natural light, creating an airy and expansive ambiance throughout the home. This sense of openness not only contributes to the overall aesthetics but also fosters a feeling of spaciousness and freedom within the living areas.

In this canvas-like setting, homeowners have the opportunity to define and personalize each zone according to their lifestyle. Whether it’s carving out a designated workspace within the living area, incorporating a play area for little ones, or even experimenting with diverse decor styles across the unified space, the flexibility an open concept affords is unparalleled.

As we reimagine floor plans to enhance the Cape home experience, our focus remains on the adaptability and multipurpose nature of each space. Embracing an open concept layout isn’t just about removing walls; it’s about creating a versatile environment that effortlessly transforms to accommodate the varied needs and desires of its inhabitants.

Perception of space

When your eyes can travel freely throughout a space, the perception that it’s bigger is easy to perceive. With the addition of cathedral ceilings and exposed beams, an open concept can now allow for an emphasis on the height of the walls. 

Improved traffic flow

We’re no strangers to those narrow, seemingly dark, Cape Cod hallways. Opening these spaces to create an open concept brings light and a better foot traffic path throughout the home.

Family connectivity

An open concept is perfect for our clients who appreciate seeing their grandkids in the living room while they’re preparing meals for the whole family.

Resale value

With open, airy feelings being highly sought after, these properties are typically more attractive to buyers. 

When considering whether or not to start taking walls down, consider whether or not you appreciate more traditional room layouts or whether you can have a happy medium by keeping some rooms traditional and others open-concept to accommodate some of the features we mentioned above. 

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