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Holiday Gift Guide For The Homebody

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The ultimate list of Holiday Gifts for the Homebody in your life for the 2019 holiday season, is the first of three gift guides coming your way! We decided to put these together for the first time this year and are SO excited to share our favorites with you. This list is your go-to-guide for anyone that likes to cozy up and snuggle in during those cold winter days.


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Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager | This thing has AMAZING reviews and for the homebody’s that like to cuddle up with a blanket and a good movie, this is the perfect addition.

Chunky Knit Beanie | A nice warm beanie is always a great gift!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan | SALE ALERT! This cardigan is the COZIEST cardigan and well worth the splurge for someone special in your life.

Cozy Sherpa Sweatshirt | I have this sweatshirt and it’s my go to for chilly winter days. A must have staple in everyone’s closet.

Women’s Slippers | These are also on SALE. I have them, and promise they are just as comfy as they look! Lots of color options.

Barefoot Dreams Socks | Another Barefoot Dreams must have. These socks are the best! Lots of colors to choose from.

Sherpa Blanket | Our go-to blanket for snuggling on the coach! Awesome reviews, Amazon Prime + color choices.

Beanie Hat | You can’t have enough hats. Here’s another beanie hat option for women. LOTS of colors to choose from.

Women’s Faux Fur Robe | A bit of a splurge, but it is on a slight sale. This is one of those items you’ll have forever, the quality is amazing!

Capri Blue Candle | One of our favorite candles! You can grab these at Anthropologie or Amazon.

Temperature Control Smart Mug | I cringe when people tell me they reheat their coffee in the microwave.. yuckkk. This thing is amazing and every mom in your life should have one.. we know too much about cold coffee that once was.

365 Daily Devotional | Joyce Meyer never disappoints with her yearly devotionals. This is her newest one and a great gift to grab!



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