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Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef’s

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Day 2 of Holiday Gift Guides and this one is for the chef’s in your life! We’re finalizing Day 3 for tomorrow so be sure and check back.. we’re saving the best for last 🙂


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Holiday Gift Guide | For the Chef’s in Your Life

GreenPan Pandova 10 Piece Set | We have this set and love it. It’s easy to clean, and on major sale for Black Friday.. plus, it’s the perfect Cape Cod blue!

Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Great size and a must have addition to any kitchen. Also, on sale for Black Friday!

COSORI Air Fryer | Amazing reviews and lots of fun accessories you can purchase to go with it

Vacuum Sealer | We have and love this little machine. If you’re storing seafood or meat, it’s a must have!

Ninja Mega- Blender System | Best Buy has this on major sale ($100 off)

Anova Culinary Sous Vide | If you haven’t seen one of these before, this works by circulating heated water in a pot at a very precise temperature according to the desired doneness of your food. It works SO well and is a great gift!

Cook with Color Set | Trendy and affordable set, with great reviews!

Kitchen Aid Mixer | This is the 5 QUART mixer, which is great for chef’s who have lots of people to cook for. I have the 4.5 quart, but this one is on a great sale so it’s worth grabbing as a gift.



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