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BMW Builders Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Of Cape Cod -Shop Local

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We told you we saved the best for last, so here it is! All of today’s items are from local shops or handmade on Cape Cod. We rounded up some of our personal favorites + items we’ve given throughout the year to our customers. That said, there are still SO many other great shops on the Cape to check out.. gift certificates to our local restaurants is another idea!

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Holiday Gift Guide | Shop Local

Cape Cod Soy Candle | The best scents around! Phthalate free + dye free, check out the list of stockists on their site.

Seasouled | Unique, hand painted wood signs, varnished for indoor or outdoor use.

TJazelle | A personal favorite, the bracelets are made with precious stones and matched with an array of charms to create a beautiful and stylish design.

Solis | One of our favorite shops in Harwichport! Lots of unique gifts, and we can’t wait to grab this Nordic Beach Wrap for their Black Friday sale.

EJ.Artistry | It’s been so fun watching Emily start and grow her business this year. Her creativity is incredible + the pieces are unique. Grab a set of coasters or a custom cutting board for the perfect gift. AND, hurry.. I’m not sure how long she’ll keep Holiday orders open!

Chatham Candy Manor | Lots of yummy treats for stockings + gifts

Amber Jane Photography | Our friend, Amber, has lots of great framed photographs from all over the Cape!

Snowy Owl Coffee | The best coffee around.. stop in for a bag or a gift certificate

Chatham Pottery | Such unique gifts in all different price ranges!

Cape Shark | Another local favorite, you can find their apparel in different shops throughout the Cape.. find them on Instagram to see which stores are stocked

Art By Sew | Go quick to this shop.. I’m not sure how long she’s taking orders for the Holidays, but you can get a beautiful custom art piece.

Cape Cod Nail Co. | The perfect stocking stuffer! They also have small sets that would be a cute gift

White Marlie | Another favorite in Chatham! They have a great inventory of sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts + smaller gifts.



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