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How To Create A Timeless Bathroom?

The enormous selection of options can be frightening when designing your home’s bathroom for a new construction or remodel. Since it’s a significant investment, you’ll want to pick choices you’ll be happy with for many years. While following trends can be enjoyable, it’s sometimes best to stick to the Cape Cod bathroom remodeling classics because you’ll surely enjoy your space for many years.

Let us look at some tips on how to create a classic bathroom without investing more and getting trendy as you make your selections.

Here’s to make the most of it!


This is one of the stylish ways to create a timeless bathroom. The ubiquitous tiles are always on the trend to help clean and brighten your bathroom. These tiles are versatile and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Using them will offer you with unlimited design possibilities, giving you a durable space.


Bathtubs are another way to create a timeless space. If you have space to hold a free standing bathtub, it’ll be a wonderful addition to your remodeled bathroom. This style will turn heads when anyone walks into your bathroom- the perfect opportunity to install relaxing jets. So, choose from a wide array of scaled-down tubs deep enough to soak in.

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A classic but dramatic trend! You can use marble for tiling, countertops, or sinks to create an exotic bathroom design. Individuals love for marble continues because it is easy to clean, sleek, durable, and has a polished design.


Vanity is the focal point of your bathroom. For instance, pairing dark stained wood with neutral colors, like white, will contrast at its best as well as create warmth. Always choose a classic style or shape for a timeless feel.

Pro-Tip* Traditional wooden vanity with unique design and shapes will last a lifetime, without costing you much.

Moreover, you may integrate modern conveniences with many options such as drawer organizers and plug-in outlets.


While we love the look of a modern space, a timeless bathroom can instil faucets with a classic shape. Even shower fixtures can have a timeless line and finish. You can hire an expert Cape Cod bathroom remodeling contractor to cater to all your bathroom renovation and remodeling requirements.

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What About A Successful Bathroom Makeover?

A bathroom makeover is a compelling and entertaining home project. It is an activity you might consider now as you’ve been spending more time at home. For your makeover to go smoothly and remain within budget, it demands a precise plan and a specified design. A bathroom makeover is just what your home lacks, but it’s no easy chore.

To start with a bathroom makeover and successfully bring your vision to life, you can follow some tips and tricks. This will help you renovate your bathroom under budget and last a long.

  • Have a plan before you begin your bath makeover
  • You can design a functional and an open space
  • While you design, keep the future in mind
  • Minor details can encompass big statements
  • Always settle on long-lasting surfaces
  • Create rejuvenating and relaxing space
  • Hire a professional remodeling contractor like B.M.W Builders and make the most of it

Enough of your wait! Start with incorporating a bathroom that is timeless and creates a functional space with proper storage. Find bathroom remodeling an exciting phase of renovation and maintain your budget to avoid any inconveniences in the long run.

Create the perfect escape and add a great addition to your home!


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