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Common Mistakes While Renovating a Bathroom

Renovating your Cape Cod bathroom is an exciting project!  It not only adds value to your home but also enhances your daily life by creating a more functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

However, bathroom renovations can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful. To ensure a successful bathroom remodel, it’s essential to avoid some common mistakes that homeowners often make. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most common mistakes and provide insight on how to avoid them. 

Lack of Planning

We talk about this a lot but that’s because it really is important! One of the biggest mistakes you can make when renovating your bathroom is diving into the project without a solid plan. A well-thought-out plan should include a budget, design ideas, and a timeline. Skipping this crucial step can lead to overspending (remember 1 in 3 remodels goes OVER budget), unexpected delays, and a less-than-desirable outcome.


Ignoring the Budget

Another common mistake is underestimating the cost of a bathroom renovation. Everyone loves HGTV (myself included) but the numbers that they portray on the show are about three times short of what bathroom renovations actually cost. This leads many homeowners to have an unrealistic budget from the start which quickly leads to overspending. 

Choosing the Wrong Fixtures and Materials

Selecting the wrong fixtures and materials can have a significant impact on the functionality and longevity of your bathroom. Buying fixtures and materials from say, Home Depot, may save you money upfront, but in the long run they are going to give you an entirely different outcome quality wise and will likely end up costing you in repairs. 

Overlooking Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential in a Cape Cod bathroom to prevent mold and mildew growth. I can’t tell you how many calls we receive from homeowners saying their ceiling paint is bubbling off, there’s moisture everywhere or they see black mold. 

Neglecting Storage Solutions: Insufficient storage can make your newly renovated bathroom feel cluttered and disorganized. There’s lots of quirky homes on Cape Cod, and having a bathroom storage layout that works with vaulted ceilings or funky spaces is crucial in achieving the functionality of the space. 

DIYing Everything

While DIY projects can be enjoyable and cost-effective, not everything in a bathroom renovation should be a DIY endeavor. Some tasks, like plumbing and electrical work, are best left to professionals to ensure it is done correctly AND so that you don’t end up with a costly repair bill. 

By careful planning, sticking to your budget, choosing the right fixtures and materials, addressing ventilation and storage, and knowing when to seek professional help, you can ensure a successful bathroom renovation that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your Cape Cod home. 

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