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Tips for Remodeling During The Coronavirus Crisis

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As we all find our new “normal,” during the Coronavirus outbreak, we think communication is the most important step in successfully addressing everyone’s individual needs.

We’ve outline steps below that we hope are helpful in navigating your way through a new or existing home remodel.

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Job Site Precautions

  • As always, we are continuing our use of plastic barriers to separate work areas from our client’s living quarters
  • We are running job site HEPA filters continuously to clean the air
  • Everyone on the job site will be monitoring their temperatures, daily
  • We have provided supplies for washing hands and disinfecting tools
  • If we have sub-contractors on a job, we have scheduled them out to only have one on-site at a time

In addition to the above-mentioned, we are also offering virtual meetings for our existing clients to receive updates on their projects, without having to make the trip to the Cape. Virtual meetings are also available on request for clients who would like to discuss a future project.

You can schedule your virtual meeting request here

We are praying for everyone’s health and safety during this difficult time. If we can help check in on your home (if you can’t make it here) or do anything to assist you or your family, please reach out. We know that defeating the Coronavirus is a community effort, and we look forward to better days ahead!


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